Burial or cremation?


When arranging a burial, it is important to be aware that you are entitled to burial rights within the parish you live. If your burial rights are in a cemetery, you may be able to purchase a plot in advance. If your burial rights are in a churchyard, purchase is not allowed as the ground is owned by the Church of England.

Purchase of a cemetery plot outside the parish in which you live may be possible, but it is likely that the purchase and interment fees will be increased or in some cases doubled by the local authority responsible for that cemetery.

For information on the cost of purchasing ground and the cost of an interment, visit our burial costs page.


When arranging a cremation, a choice must be made as to which crematorium to use.

Currently there is only one crematorium in Northumberland at Blyth. It has seating for about 50 people and is wheelchair accessible. There is no organ at Blyth.

The main crematorium in Newcastle is West Road. West Road has two chapels - the East chapel and the West chapel. Both chapels offer seating for about 200 people and are wheelchair accessible. The West chapel has an organ.

Times are every 30 minutes at both Blyth and West Road.

There are other crematoria in North Tyneside including Whitley Bay and Tynemouth

All crematoria have a garden of remembrance where ashes can be scattered. Alternatively the ashes can be collected by your funeral director for scattering or interring elsewhere.

For information on the cost of each chapel and each crematorium, visit our cremation costs page.

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